XL 7.5" Natural Citrine, Citrine Quartz From Mansa, Zambia, Citrine Points

$955.55 USD

A gorgeous natural citrine from Zambia. This authentic Zambian citrine is a deep honey colour with a beautiful transparency. It's terminations are near perfect with very minor chips.

This stunning power generator crystal has incredibly rich amber coloration with subtle darker phantoms near the terminus, with clarity throughout its depth! It is tabular in shape and the crystal edges and terminations are in excellent condition. Internal planes feature mirror-like shine and rainbow colour play within the crystal. Surfaces are mostly clear without staining, one face has some hematite and clay staining. There is slight hematite inclusion and staining within the crystal. It reminds me of a Guinness beer with its regal and elegant presence! This heavy piece is over 2lbs and just feels rich in the hand. 

This crystal tells a story of "before and after" with a distinct record keeper along one of the crystal faces, very mysterious and unusual!

Dimensions: 7.5" x 4" x 1.5" inches/ 19cm x 10cm x 4cm

Weight:  1.28 kilograms /  2.13 lbs

We have visited the mine at Mansa and seen the process of mining this citrine. The work is primarily done with hand tools and is a laborious process. We did a workshop with the miners about better caring for the crystals as they are taken out and as they are transported.

Citrine is the November Birthstone and is widely considered to be a "master healer" type of quartz crystal by those who work with crystals for their metaphysical properties. Citrine is an essential part of the toolkit for crystal bodywork, reiki, meditation, crystal gridding, and creating sacred spaces. The golden radiance of citrine provides warmth and increases feelings of abundance.

We have been collecting mineral specimens in Southern Africa since 2002. We focus on bringing a wide variety of unusual, beautiful and energetic minerals!

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