We have frequent lives sales on TikTok and Instagram

How to Claim on our Instagram and TikTok Live Sales

  1. Tune into our stream.
  2. Crystals are available once the price or code are revealed.
  3. To claim use an emoji or a word such as, claim, sold, mine, dibs, or any other appropriate word to indicate that you are choosing and claim to purchase that crystal for yourself.
  4. The first person to use their claim word with the correct price wins the crystal shown.
  5. The crystal that is shown is what is sold unless we state that the crystal is randomly chosen or intuitively picked.
  6. When you claim a crystal it is final. There are no put backs or exchanges. We start invoicing immediately and it creates logistical challenges when there are switches. 

Live Sale Listings and Payment

You will have a custom listing created on our webpage with photos of the actual items you claimed. We will send you a Direct Message to tell you that your listing is up. You can click the link (IG) or copy and paste it into a browser (TikTok). You can alsofind your listing by searching on Nharo.com.

If there are any problems with your invoice please reach out right away so we can correct it. 

There is a list of the usual options to check out. We ask that where possible you avoid PayPal. In May 2021 our account was compromised and they were no help. We do understand that some customers prefer it so we have left it as a last option. 

We appreciate fast payments and will work hard to make sure everything is shipped quickly.

Abandoned Cart

If you do not pay promptly you take the risk that your cart will be abandoned and put back in the live under the popular feature called "The Abandoned Cart". There is pressure from fellow customers to "Name and Shame".

We are working hard over here. It takes a lot of energy to remind slow payers so we appreciate your prompt checkout. Reach out to us if you have a problem. Ghosts and timewasters will be blocked. .


We use US Dollars for our online transactions. This is in keeping with the industry standards. Most of the individuals we are dealing with accept USD and most of our clients are in the US. 

Canadian Customers have the option to pay with Canadian Dollars via etransfer to info@nharo.com, Totals are calculated using the current USD/CAD exchange and the relevant sales tax is added. For example, Ontario residents and 13% HST.


We offer a free flat rate shipping for orders to Canada and USA that are over $99. Orders under that threshold are charged a $15 flat rate. 

Interational orders will be calculated by the website based on weight and volume. Let us know if you are international on the website and we can make sure to weigh the order correctly.

American orders under $800 are shipped with USPS via our partner Chitchats which delivers parcels from us to the USPS in Niagara Falls New York.High Value international orders are shipped via DHL.

Claiming Trouble & Connection Issues

  1. The successful claim will be awarded to the first person on our screen. This if often different than what you see on your screen, usually you will appear first. 
  2. Closing and re-opening the app can help connection issues. 
  3. If you have other apps open this can slow down performance.
  4. Sitting close to your router may help you to stream faster.
  5. Using phone data can help connection issues.
  6. Changing your claim word and using emojis can help your claim get through.


Live Sale Schedule

Stay tuned to our Tiktok and Instagram feeds and stories for the live sale schedule on our Instagram page story highlights for details on our show. . 

We are usually live on Instagram on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM Eastern and have been having good luck during the weekdays and Saturdays.  

Make sure you turn notifications on if you want to know when we are live.