Tanzanite Pleochroic Crystal, Pink/Lavendar, Blue/Yellow 80carats, Meralani Hills, Tanzania

$288.88 USD

Thumbnail Tanzanite Pleochroic Crystal from the Lelatema Mountains, Merelani Hills, Tanzania. 

Pleochroic Colour change shows when illuminated (see video for reference)

Weight: 80carats = 16g

Dimension: 2cm (0.7”) x 1cm (0.3”)

About Tanzanite: 

Famous author Judy Hall, of Crystal Bible fame, says that this blue crystal helps facilitate deep meditation, and helps open subtle chakras. She continues that the gemstone is psychologically helpful for those who are over-worked and deeply stressed (The Crystal Bible, p. 336).

Tanzanite supply has been limited over the past few years. The supply in the ground is ever dwindling and export restrictions in Tanzania have increased. We are not targeting the gem rough used to create faceted stones but amazing crystals which are presented as mineral specimens. 

Nharo has been collecting mineral specimens in Africa since 2002. We focus on bringing a wide variety of unusual, beautiful, and energetic minerals to you!

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