Set of Gorgeous Alluvial Topaz, Klein Spitzkoppe, Erongo Region Namibia,

$38.88 USD

Gorgeous Alluvial Topaz, Klein Spitzkoppe, Erongo Region Namibia. 

You are unable to choose your set, we will choose one from the flat shown in the attached photo. 

Each set has 8-10 crystals and equals roughly 50 grams. 


This gorgeous piece of Topaz is a must have for any crystal lover’s collection. If not for you, buy this for someone you love!  These crystals have been lightly tumbled by natural running water, but has still maintained their crystal shape.

Topaz is the birthstone for November. 

Topaz in particular has been said to work with ones creative energies. Topaz is also excellent for promoting concentration. 

The Klein Spitzkoppe Mountain is Located 30 km from Usakos next to the main road to Swakopmund. Remnant of a ring complex that has extensively occurring miarolitic cavities with superb crystals.

We make twice yearly trips to Namibia. We maintain communications with many small scale miners through out the rest of the year. It is always our hope that when we arrive, or while we are there something special will come out of the ground.

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