Moroccan Henna

100% BAQ Moroccan henna powder!


    • It has a quick dye release
    • Blends well with indigo to create brown to black tones
    • Easily washes out of hair
    • Strengthens
    • Conditions hair
    • Loosens curl pattern
    • Thicker hair
    • Protects your hair from the elements
    • Reduces split ends
    • Gets rid of dandruff
    • Kills lice
    • Available in 50g and 100g Package

We have a firm network in Morocco, thus our henna is available all year round.

We are located in Toronto's west end at 124 Portland St, Etobicoke.

Any questions, comments, or concerns you may have feel free to reach us at or by filling out the form below 

Call us at: (647) 686 4130

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