Megalodon Teeth, South Carolina, Fossil


 Megalodon Teeth, South Carolina, Fossil Tooth 

Weight & Dimensions: 

A) 116g - 8 cm (3.5“) x 5 cm (1.9“) 

B) 140g - 7.3 cm (2.8“) x 6 cm (2.3“) 

C) 88g - 6.8 cm (2.6“) x 5 cm (1.9“) 

D) 88g - 7.7 cm (3.03“) x  4.5 cm (1.7“) 

E) 122g - 9 cm (3.5“) x 4.5 cm (1.7“) 

F) 92g - 7.5 (2.9“) x 4.5 cm (1.7“) 


About Megalodon Teeth: 

Megalodon, (Carcharocles megalodon), member of an extinct species of megatooth shark (Otodontidae) that is considered to be the largest shark, as well as the largest fish, that ever lived. Fossils attributed to megalodon have been found dating from the early Miocene Epoch (which began 23.03 million years ago) to the end of the Pliocene Epoch (2.58 million years ago). The word megalodon, a compoundof Greek root words, means “giant tooth.”


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