Malachite Bangles with Brass Interior; Malachite Jewellery from Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

$60.00 USD

Malachite Bangles with a Brass Interior so you get the benefits of both the strong Malachite exterior with unique patterning, and the Brass interior that rests against the skin.

The weight of each bracelet is between 32 grams and each has a inside diameter of approximately 6.5 centimetres. 

About the Malachite Bracelet:

This powerful healing semi-precious stone works to heal the heart as well as the body. Bangles are created using pieces of malachite in a resin ensuring a strong, long lasting piece of jewellery.

The first product that provided a foundation for our business was a copper bangle purchased on the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls.

Since then we have bought thousands of these bangles which are made in small workshops in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

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