Large, Top Shelf, Natural Kundalini Quartz, Citrine From Democratic Republic Of Congo

$526.88 USD

Large Bright Top Shelf light to medium hued kundalini quartz citrine from Congo. This specimen is a large, multiple point crystal positioned atop a sceptre formation and evidence of rainbow when illuminated in the sunlight 

This crystal looks more gold when on a white light and brighter in natural light. This special specimen is a unique example of a crystal citrine cluster positioned atop a natural crystal. Shining bright lights through is while viewing it’s natural formations is truly a sight to behold.

This crystal has not been treated in any way and is completely natural.

Dimensions: (LxW)

15cm x 10cm 



Kundalini Quartz is a type of Citrine known for it's powerful Kundalini moving energies. Because of this, it carries all of the same properties as natural citrine and is an excellent crystal for those who are overly sensitive, or extremely vulnerable to outside energies and influences. This crystal in particular is a gorgeous, multi-coloured specimen in which many formations can be observed with the naked eye, all the while allowing light to shine through.

Citrine is the birthstone of November.

Nharo has been collecting mineral specimens in Southern Africa since 2002. We focus on bringing a wide variety of unusual, beautiful and energetic minerals to you!

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