Fossilized Gastropod Thumbnail(Chalcedony & Quartz) Madhya Pradesh, India

$29.88 USD

Fossilized Gastropod (Chalcedony & Quartz) Madhya Pradesh, India

You will receive 1 Fossilized Gastropod, you cannot choose your pice. 

These gorgeous Shells are Druzy and a perfect addition to any crystal lover’s collection!

Gastropods are snail-like and slug-like invertebrate (lacking a backbone) animals, and are types of mollusks. 
These shells are originally from a rare variety of gastropod that lived between 50 and 100 million years ago. During this time, the Indian subcontinent was submerged under the ocean. Spiralite, in the unusual left-hand coiling type (such as these), is a rarity in the domain of shells.

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