Five Baule Bronze Gecko Pendants, Lost Wax Pendants from Ivory Coast

$30.00 USD

These handmade bronze pendants were made using the lost wax method of metal casting by the Baule Tribe of the Ivory Coast, in West Africa. 

Buying this set, you will receive five of the following pendants: bronze geckos. 

Their combined weight is roughly 40 grams.

Their dimensions average about 3.5 cm (1.4") in length.

The lost wax method is a form of metal casting in which a wax model is used to produce a metal work piece. This timely process generally begins with an original sculpture, which is then made into a mould of heat resistant material and filled with wax. When the wax burns away, a cast of the original figure is left behind. This cast is then filled with metal, and left to cool. The clay cast must then be broken away to reveal the final metal piece. This results in pieces which are always original, because the process requires the original sculpture to be remade every time.

For this reason, every pendant we have available varies slightly in shape and size! 

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