Fibrous Blue Shattuckite on Matrix, Mesopotamia Copper Valley, Kunene, Namibia, African Mineral Specimen

$28.88 USD

Fibrous Blue Shattuckite, Mesopotamia Copper Valley, Kunene, Namibia


5.2cm x 3.9cm x 1.5cm

Weight: 37g


We have friends in Namibia who have claims producing amazing specimens of Shattuckite which we are happy to share with you.

Shattuckite is a copper silicate hydroxide mineral with formula Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2. It is closely related to, and often found alongside, plancheite, chrysocolla and malachite.

Shattuckite is believed to be a stone of truth. It can connect you to inner realms and help with understanding and communicating information from spirit guides. It is a protective stone and can be used to remove energetic blockages from the past.

We have been collecting mineral specimens in Southern Africa since 2002. We focus on bringing a wide variety of unusual, beautiful and energetic minerals!

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