Bold Purple Shangaan Amethyst, 170 grams, Chibuku Mine, Zimbabwe

$258.88 USD

This Shangaan amethyst has stunning grape jelly (blue-purple or "blurple") color throughout with some smoky along the edges. The purple color is most visible when backlit. This is a large piece with very clear contact points - this crystal was ver obviously part of a larger section of crystal growth. There are several terminations on both ends, and horizontal striations along a couple sides. It is comfortable to hold in the hand, but is definitely a chunky piece.

Weight: 170 grams

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 5.2cm x 4.8cm

Shangaan are tribal people from Zimbabwe. Shangaan Amethysts are a recent discovery from Zimbabwe that have been getting a lot of attention. They hold a combination of smokey and amethyst, elestial formations and a strong energy.

We reached out to prominent metaphysical healers to get their read on the energy of the stone.

Judy Hall of Crystal Bible fame notes the following preliminary findings:

Feels like ‘coming home,’

Magical transformation.

Assists in letting go of old habits.

Helps to see the unknown and the unseen.

Reintegrates star and soul aspects into the energy body.

Untangles timelines.

Grounds through the kidneys.

Visit www.youtube.com/nharoafrica to view a video reading and analysis of the crystals by Naha Armady (@naha99) and a video of one of the small scale miners in Zimbabwe.



Shangaan Smoky Amethyst by Francis Klein (Pieces of Light by @emannyb)

The New African All-Healer Crystals

Our initial experience of the energy of these incredible stones coming out of Zimbabwe has been nothing short of amazing. The minute we held them in our hands we were pretty blown away at how powerful they are! We are very familiar with African Amethyst crystals having worked for many years with Brandberg Quartz. While it is tempting to make comparisons between these new Shangaan stones and Brandberg crystals, such comparisons will never be entirely accurate. While both stones exhibit extremely high levels of frequency and available energy, they work in entirely different ways. Shangaan Smoky Amethyst stones are very quickly absorbed into one’s energy system activating every chakra as it explosively removes blockages wherever they occur. The rush of energy they provide feels like magma overwhelming everything in its path. The presence of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz in these stones acts like a bridge between the upper and lower energy centers, allowing the manifestation of high spiritual ideals in the lower physical worlds. These stones emanate levels of love and joy we’ve rarely experienced. They seem to be specifically attuned to address shadow frequencies enabling spiritual advancement at every level. As an experiment, we prepared an elixir using one of the Shangaan Smoky Amethyst stones we were provided. After sampling it we were filled with almost overwhelming feelings of well-being and warmth that lasted for many hours. If you are looking for an ‘all-healer’ stone that addresses literally any need of your energy system, we highly recommend these amazing crystals. 

Nharo started traveling to Zimbabwe in late 2002. We began buying our company by buying arts and crafts. Over time the fantastic minerals drew our attention. Craft buying taught us how to deal with African artists and we applied the cultural lessons and experience we had acquired in a new direction.

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