Copper Bead String, Set of 3 Strings, Ethiopian Beads, Handmade African Jewelry

$35.00 USD

These tiny copper beads are from Ethiopia, and are handmade by local peoples. Each bead is between 2-3mm in size, with a hole of about 1mm. They are a beautiful rose gold color, and are perfect for wearing as a necklace or bracelet, or for use in jewelry making. 

The buyer will receive a set of 3 strands of these tiny beads, which are roughly 84cm / 33 in in length. 

The set of beads weighs 34 g total, or roughly 8 grams each.

Due to their handmade nature, these beads are entirely unique, and minor variations in colour and size are apparent. When you purchase handmade Ethiopian Jewelry you are buying a one of a kind product, which has been crafted using time-tested metal working methods. 

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