Clay Bead String, Set of 3 Strings, Mali Clay Beads, Handmade African Jewelry


These rich, earthen beads are tiny, 3mm Mali Clay beads. They are beautiful when worn, and are versatile for jewelry making. This set of bead strings includes 3 strands of gorgeous, handcrafted beads in earthy brown tones, with pieces of red and beige. 

Each bead is roughly 3mm, and each strand is about 92cm/26in. The holes are about 1mm.

The beads weigh about 18 g total, or 6 g per strand.

These kinds of beads are produced using a gradual baking process using the sun’s heat. It’s not certain whether they are made using a mould, or the cane production method. Each strand is unique, with minor deviations due to the handmade process. You will receive three strands in the set.

These beads are sourced from Mali, and are made from clay: a natural mineral. It is nearly impossible to know how old the bead making process of these clay beads is. Archeological digs reveal a history of over 500 years, while the clay bead craft within Africa is at least several thousands years old. 

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