"Chief and his Wife", Serpentine Shona Sculpture Set, by Joe Masoka, from Zimbabwe

$250.00 USD

This Shona Sculpture bust set from Zimbabwe was carved by Joe Masoka. The sculpture is a traditional representation of African Elders, sculpted from gorgeous dark Serpentine.

We met Joe Masoka in 2007 and immediately appreciated the beauty and gentle expressions on the busts he creates. When we asked who own the faces captured in the stone he said they are the faces of his ancestors.

The uniquely evocative sculpture set was crafted from Serpentine, and is mostly a dark, vibrant green with lovely green, yellow and deep red hues that are a naturally occurring formation in the Serpentine stone. Details are etched into the deep stone, leaving behind light gray etchings.

Serpentine is a soft stone found throughout Africa.

Height: 18.5 cm / 7.38 in

Width: 10.5 / 4.1 in

Weight: 1.3 kg /2.87 lbs and 1.24kg/2.8lbs

Joe Masoka is a long standing member of the Canon Paterson Craft Cooperative based in Mbare, Zimbabwe. The Canon Paterson Craft Society is the oldest craft cooperative in the area, and features many prominent Shona Sculptors.

Nharo started traveling to Zimbabwe in late 2002 and has been traveling back and forth ever since, doing business with various art cooperatives and individuals. We work to bring beautiful, original pieces to the North American market.

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