5 Natural Tanzanite Crystals Set, Yellow and Blue Tanzanite Gemstones, Blue Crystal, Raw Tanzanite, Merelani Hills, Tanzania

$49.88 USD

Set of 5 tanzanite crystals. 💎

The crystals you receive may not match the crystals in the photos. We will put together a set based on the following:

Each Tanzanite Crystal Ranges between 0.9 and 1.5 cm

The total weight of each parcel is at least 12 carats.

Most tanzanites are heat treated. The parcel we are selecting from has a mix of blue and yellow crystals. The yellow are crystals that were not heated or were heated and did not change.

Tanzanite is a blue gemstone variety of zoisite that can reach impressive prices when cut and polished. Our interest has always been in crystals. The pieces we select are chosen because they are good examples of the orthorhombic crystal structure.

We are selling the tanzanite in a "perky box" which has an inside measurement of 1.25 inches for scale. You get the box for your display.

Tanzanite is the birthstone for December!

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