Ishuko Red Phantom Quartz, One Pound, 25 pieces, Hematite included Quartz from the Central Province of Zambia

$244.00 USD

You will receive an over one pound (1 lb), 454 gram lot, of Ishuko Red Phantom Quartz Crystals that you see in the photos. 

There are 25 total pieces, The longest is 6.2 centimeters (2.4") in length and the shortest is 2.1 centimeters (0.8")

These crystals have not been treated in any way and are completely natural. We expect small dings on these crystals and some imperfect points owing to the conditions at the mine.

About Ishuko Red Phantom Quartz:

When we were buying a few of these crystals for the first time we heard the miners speaking in Bemba and they repeated the word Ishiko which means 'Fire Place' owing to the red of a fire. We heard the word as Ishuko and started calling it that. As it turns out Ishuko means lucky so it turned out to be perfect.

During the formation of these crystals hematite was deposited. As the crystal continued growing it left an amazing red, ochre colored phantom that runs parallel to the faces of the crystal.

We purchased the original pieces even though they were a bit beat up, they showed potential. Although we have not been able to visit Zambia owing to the pandemic we have been able to build on our initial meeting and have been buying these quartz over the past year. We are proud to list them here now. 

According to Judy Hall, Red Phantom Quartz heals the aura and is helpful in business and enhancing financial security. It can also help in overcoming frustration (The Encyclopedia of Crystals page 55, Judy Hall, 2013). You could use that!

Nharo first visited Zambia in 2002 and bought some copper bangles. This was the start of almost 20 years of buying. We have shifted from craft buyers to minerals buyers but are proudly still working with some of the same people we met those days.

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