'The Chief's First Wife', Cobalt Serpentine by Joe Masoka, Shona Sculpture, Zimbabwe, Africa

$300.00 USD



We met Joe Masoka in 2007 and immediately appreciated the beauty of the gentle expressions on the busts he creates. When we asked who owns the faces captured in the stone he said it is images of his ancestors.

This bust is carved from cobalt serpentine and shows colours from green to purple. This bust is impressive at over 20 pounds!

Joe is a longstanding member of the Canon Paterson Co-operative based in Mbare, Zimbabwe.  He signed the piece 'J Masoka' at the base on the rear of the  sculpture.

Height: 16 cm (6.4 inches)

Length: 20 cm (8  inches)

Width: 22.5 cm (9 inches)

Weight: 21.5 lb  (9.8 kg)

Nharo works directly with artisans and co-operatives in Zimbabwe. Our first trip to Zimbabwe was in 2002 and we have been going back often, once or twice a year.

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