Special order for Melissa and Curry


Phantom Smoky Amethyst Brandberg quartz, mined by Ras Greef - $420

kundalini citrine, Lwena, Congo - $18

Gibeon Iron Meteorite - $29

Soapstone mother and child by Jameson Tendai - $14

Serpentine woman head by Tawanda Mataranyika, Zimbabwe (unsigned) - $52

Orthoclase with Aegirine and unknown mineral, Malawi - $35

2 copper bangles, Zambia - $20

Aquamarine Matrix specimen with Black Tourmaline, Felspar, Smoky Quartz and Siderite Arch, Erongo Region, Namibia - $1244

Orange River Fluorite, Riemvasmaak, Northern Cape, South Africa, $176

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