Shattuckite, Polished, Congo, Africa


Shattuckite, Polished, Congo, Africa

Height: 6.3 cm
Width: 5.9 cm
Length: 6.9 cm
Weight: 397 g


Shattuckite, Polished, Congo, Africa

Height: 4.8 cm
Width: 3.9 cm
Length: 4.9 cm
Weight: 166 g

Shattuckite?is a?copper?silicate?hydroxide?mineral with formula Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2. It is closely related to?plancheite, chrysocolla and malachite.

Shattuckite is believed to be a stone of truth. It can connect you to inner realms and help with understanding and communicating information from spirit guides. It is a protective stone and can be used to remove energetic blockages from the past.

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