Natural Ocean Blue Topaz, Mwami, Hurungwe, Zimbabwe

$158.88 USD

Vibrant Natural Blue Topaz, Mwami, Hurungwe, Zimbabwe

Dimensions: 3.5 cm (1.37“) x 3.5cm (1.37“)

Weight: 32 g = 0.07 lbs 

This gorgeous Blue Topaz is a must have for any crystal lover’s collection. Who doesn’t want a pop of colour? If not for you, buy this for someone you love! 💙 

Topaz is the birthstone for November. 

Blue topaz, in particular, is believed to promote truth and forgiveness, relaxing the spirit as well as the body. Those who use meditation advocate it as a splendid stone for attuning to their higher self.

Topaz of any color is often used to strengthen emotional support, stabilizing the emotions and making the wearer receptive to love from every source. It is believed to unburden the soul of arrogance and calmly verbalize in emotional situations.

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