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Description Total
Golden Apatite 7
Japan law twin quartz 10
Japan law twin quartz 12
Azurite 17
Tourmaline- Elbaite 36
Emarald 29
Azurite 23
Fluorite - Erongo 33
Demantoid Garnet 26
Gobi Agate 16
Fluorite Tetrahedrite 57
Fluorite Tetrahedrite 55
Creedite 28
Copper crystal 39
Calcite on Sphalerite 16
Powellite 43
Shangaan Amethyst 15
Smokey Citrine 18
Dumortierite included quartz 13
Rhodochrosite 11
Phenakite 10
Calcite 16
Ammonite 8
Fluorite 15
Raspberry Garnet 10
Fossil reptile dung 15
Kundalini citrine 10
Vesuvianite 13
Rhodochrosite 29
Sphalerite 15
Calcite 20
Electric blue kyanite 18
Tourmaline- Elbaite 19
Aquamarine W/ Hyalite 29
Aquamarine W/ Hyalite 35
Tourmaline- Elbaite 29
Greely quartz 20
Topaz 47
Mixed crystal perkys (6) 55
Fluorite- Kaokoland 25
Fluorite- Kaokoland 20
Mixed crystal perkys (3) 40
Total 1002

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January 09, 2024

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