IG Live specoal order for @mc.eemily


A19 Tanzanite reduced from 165 111
B32 Carbon South Africa (?) 41
3R 3 Corundum Zimbabwe 21
SQ Smoky Quartz Cluster with Black Tourmaline Namibia 31
SH Shangaan Enhydro Zimbabwe 31
ZC Large Zambian Citrine Mansa, Zambia 124
ZC Large Zambian Citrine Mansa, Zambia 150
PDQ Phantom Discovery Quartz Chongwe, Zambia 65
OLM Olmiite N'chwaning Mine, South Africa 35
EF Purple Fluorite Erongo Mountain, Namibia 45
ZiC Zimbabwe Citrine Marondera, Zimbabwe 10
BT Black Tourmaline with Hyalite Erongo Mountains, Namibia 60
EF Green/Purple Fluorite with Mica Erongo Mountains, Namibia 29
SHA large Elestial Shangaan Mateke, ZImbabwe 101

Total 854

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