IG Live 81-2021 Part 2 order for @empressadoree



Black Tourmaline - Erongo Mountain 80
Quantum Quattro - Kunene Region 31
Fluorite - Diana Maria Mine 44
Petroluem Quartz - Balochistan Pakistan 46
Welo Opal - Ethiopia 42
Danburite - Charcas Municipality 23
Moonstone - Madagascar 23
Shangaan Amethyst - Chinuku Mine 29
Quartz Scuplture 42
Fluorite - Erongo Mountain 77
Fluorite - Lady Annabella Mine 20
Black Tourmaline - Erongo Mountain (6) 47
Moonstone - Madagascar (6) 101
Citrine 21
Shattuckite 44
Raw diamonds 29
Aquamarine 57
Citrine 21
Dioptase - Kakoveld 51
Tanzanite Lelatema Mts 44
Phenakite Okuta-didan 63
Pyrite 21

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