Polished Madagascar Smoky Amethyst Enhydro

$751.00 USD

There is an unusual hexagonal space containing a large moving bubble that is entirely unique. This would seem to be a negative crystal a crystal shape within the large quartz mass. See the video to get a feel for this stunning large enhydro! The size and track of the mobile enhydro makes it clearly visible even from a distance. This crystal is self-standing, another unique feature among enhydro amethysts. There are several rainbows throughout the crystal, along with one smaller Enhydro bubble, and smoky quartz phantoms. If you've been looking for a bold collector's piece with a multiple stunning features, this is it.

Weight: 305.0 grams

Dimensions: 9.9 cm (3.9") x 3.7 cm (1.4")

Nharo started traveling to Africa in late 2002. We began buying our company by buying arts and crafts. Over time the fantastic minerals drew our attention. Craft buying taught us how to deal with African artists and we applied the cultural lessons and experience we had acquired in a new direction.

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