48 g Beautifully Mottled and Natural Japan Law Crystal, Twin Quartz, Luapula, Zambia

$200.88 USD

This is an exquisite specimen of well formed Japan Law Twin Quartz from Zambia. The smoky quartz crystal is streaked and adorned with natural orange clay, showing a connection to the ground it came from. Japan Law Twin Quartz is an incredibly rare occurrence, making it a unique specimen for your collection.

This mine is not far from Mansa where the famous natural citrines are found.

The color is towards a deep smoky quartz which is streaked with natural clay formations and portions of lighter smoky quartz.


Length: 7.7 cm (3.03 in)

Width: 0.9 cm (0.35 in)

Height: 6.1 cm (2.4 in)

Weight: 48 g 

About Japan Law Twin Quartz

The Japan Law is the only common twinning law of quartz where the two twin crystals are visible as individuals. In a Japan Law twin the c-axis of two crystals meet at an angle of 84°33', with two of the m prism faces of both crystals being parallel. The result is usually a V-shaped twin, rarely a slightly oblique cross. Very often the Japan Law twin looks platy, because the crystal grows faster between the two arms.

An excellent formation for clearing the aura, to stabilize the emotions, dispel anger, and to encourage one to "expect a miracle". A stone of perpetuation, acting to enhance the management of resources within the body.

Nharo started traveling to Africa in 2002. Our company started buying arts and crafts. Over time fantastic minerals drew our attention. Craft buying taught us how to deal with African artists and we applied the lessons we had learned to dealing with small scale miners.

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