Extra Large Bustamite N'Chwaning Mine III Kuruman, Kalahari manganese Fields, Northern Cape, South Africa


An XL bustamite specimen you'll want to keep on display. Illustrating thousands of years of history in the yellow and off-white sedimentary layers visible throughout, with a 1cm pink run through anchoring the piece.

Some of the rarest and most beautiful mineral specimens in Africa come from the Kalahari Manganese Fields. The mines there are unusual in their appreciation for fine specimens, most commercial mines will crush them as ore. 

Length: 19.5cm (7.5”) x 6.8cm (2.7”)

Weight: 2.28kg 

Bustamite is a triclinic specimen with chemical composition CaMn2+(Si2O6), ranking a 5½ - 6½ on the Mohs hardness scale. These specimens come in dusty shades of pink and rose.

Metaphysical properties of bustamite are used in healing work, for balancing and clearing energy blockages. Uniquely assists in dream recall, and can help release emotional baggage when used in meditation.




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