0.9” Blue and Yellow Hexagonal Natural Sapphire from Mozambique


Blue Sapphire from Mozambique with a hexagonal shape.

This is a beautiful, large hexagonal crystal with a Unique hexagonal shape. The crystal is blue with a slight tint of yellow, which is apparent when the crystal is viewed under a bright light. It will glow a unique reddish yellow, tinted with blue near the edges. The crystal is also a unique piece which fluoresces under a blue light! Take a look at the picture attached to see it glow a pale red.

This crystal is a fairly uniform thickness.

Dimensions: 2.3 cm (0.9”) x  2.5 cm (1.02") x 0.7 cm (0.27”) thick

Weight: 18.78 grams

A record keeper on a sapphire is a raised, perfect triangle which occurs very rarely in nature. This formation can be seen when studying the crystal in a bright light, and is said to open up the bearer of the crystal to knowledge and ancient wisdom.

Mozambique and Zimbabwe share a long border. The minerals go back and forth.

When looking for minerals in Africa often business can happen in a sitting room or the back seat of a car. These sapphires were purchased in a sitting room from a kind old lady with the face of someone who has seen things.

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