"African Goddess" in Yellow Serpentine, Signed Sculpture By Joseph Marufu from Canon Paterson Craft Society, Mbare, Zimbabwe


This Shona Sculpture from Zimbabwe was carved by Joseph Marufu, and signed by the prolific sculptor. 

The African Goddess is made from Yellow Serpentine, with gorgeous hues of light and dark yellows interspersed with crackling of brown and white.

Serpentine is a natutally occuring magnesium Silicate Mineral with a heavy, dense feel. It often looks rather like snake or reptile skin owing to the naturally appearing colours. Serpentine is a stone stimulating energy and allowing people to access deep psychic and spiritual growth.

Marufu is a member of the Canon Paterson Craft Society, Zimbabwe's oldest art cooperative.

Height: 24.5 cm / 9.65 in

Width: 7.5cm / 3.0 in

Weight: 1.54 kg /3.40 lbs

Nharo started travelling to Zimbabwe in late 2002, working with artists from the Canon Paterson Craft cooperative located in Mbare, Zimbabwe.

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