Petrified Wood Log, Woodworthia from Gokwe, Zimbabwe

Petrified Wood -?Woodworthia

Locality: Gokwe, Midlands, Zimbabwe

Dimensions: Length(26 cm), Width(9.5 cm), Height(8 cm)

Weight: 7.4 Kg

The petrified wood forest at Gokwe Zimbabwe is made up of Triassic (200 million year old).

Wood from Gokwe is desired by collectors and difficult to acquire. We work with a team of Zimbabweans who collect pieces for us by hand. To enter the area to collect specimens requires a tithe to the local chief. It is very rare to get the raw unpolished pieces. This is a great piece for a collector or hobbyist who would like to slice and polish their own piece.

The attractive green colouring sometimes found in Gokwe Wood is from Chromium deposits.

Nharo has been collecting mineral specimens in Southern Africa since 2002. We focus on bringing a wide variety of unusual, beautiful and energetic minerals back home with us!


Weight7.4 kg
Dimensions26 × 9.5 × 8 cm


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