Plain's /Burchell's Zebra Skull (Equus quagga), South Africa (CANADA ONLY)

$130.00 USD

A real Plains/Burchell's Zebra (Equus Quagga) skull from South Africa. Top portion only!

For sale within Canada.


Plain's /Burchell's Zebra Skull (Equus quagga), South Africa

Height: 61 cm, Width 20.3 cm, Length: 36.8 cm

Weight: 1.68 kg

The plains zebra (Equus quagga, formerly Equus burchellii), also known as the common zebra or Burchell's zebra, or locally as the "quagga", is the most common and geographically widespread species of zebra.

The plains zebra's range is fragmented, but spans much of southern and eastern Africa south of the Sahara. Its habitat is generally but not exclusively treeless grasslands and savanna woodlands, both tropical and temperate.

This skull is composed of The maxilla, or the top jaw.

The skull you are buying is the one in the photos. It was legally imported to Canada from South Africa by Nharo!


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