Sunfest: Vendors’ alley filled with delights

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Nharo! Was prominently featured in an article about the vendors at Sunfest. We were overwhelmed by the crowd yesterday (in a good way). Bring it on today London! Moussa Albaka is in the house. Come see him.

Sunfest isn’t all about music from around the world but also the artisans and foods that can be equally inspiring.

“I like it here, the people are nice,” said Albaka, whose artwork is in the Smithsonian Institution, and who won the 1990 UNESCO award for artistic excellence.

Albaka, who now lives in Arizona, is an Inadan, an artisan tribe of the Tuareg in Niger, West Africa — a nomadic tribe also known as the “blue men of the Sahara” because of the indigon dye used in their traditional clothing of robes and turbans.

“I really like the music, the energy here,” said Albaka, whose trays of jewellery are housed under the Nharo! tent which sells indigenous art from Africa — sculptures, carvings, jewellery and furniture — operated by Paul Wellhouse and Yemi Laotan.

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  • Patricia August 15, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Can’t wait to visit Nharo!! Having lived the early part of my childhood in Nakuru, Kenya, E. Africa, everything from the place has a special place in my heart!!


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